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Second Place

K-2 | Reading & Language Arts | Audio Production

Station WLRN in Florida

My Classroom Innovation

My classroom caters to students with special needs. Many of them are unenthusiastic about writing. Some of them also have difficulties working with peers. In effort to motivate my students to write a class story, I read them, one of their favorites, so I quickly turned to Super Why for help. I choose to read them, “The Ghost Who Was Afraid Of Halloween”. They loved the story I read, but were still reluctant to write their own. So I told them if they work together as a team to write a story, we will have the opportunity to record it together. Finally, they gained interest.

How Students were Engaged

The students were required to work together throughout the writing process. They were so excited about being able to record their own voices, that they happily worked together, and wrote the story. As they wrote it, they practiced their writing and grammar skills. When it came time to record it, they were able to do so using the learned punctuation correctly. This project created created a new enthusiasm with the students. They began to work together on a common goal and were less adversive to writing assignments.

PBS Program/Content Used

Super Why "The Ghost Who Was Afraid of Halloween"