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Second Place

K-2 | Reading & Language Arts | Video Production

Station KLCS in California

My Classroom Innovation

At Crescent Heights, students learn how to make a difference in their world. My class read various texts, watched clips about the Human Rights and the Millennium Goals, selected the issue of clean water, organized a fund raising event, and wrote a book. All profits were sent to Free the Children, which they also researched. Finally, they created this video to convince others to become agents of change as they understood that spreading the word was a priority. This project was innovative because students were facing real life issues, working and researching together to find effective solutions. We moved away from standard texts and somehow, stepped outside the school. We used the technology the kids were born with (camera, word processing, internet, videos...) and which belongs to their natural environment.

How Students were Engaged

This year-long project motivated students because it had a real life application and ended with a genuine action that helped others. It took all year to get children ready to write meaningful and informational texts for their video. They felt empowered as they gained knowledge (facts and technology) and realized their potential influence. Their final writing was strong and most of the class scored high on the CST in language arts. Overall, the class performed better than any other years.

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