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Second Place

9-12 | Reading & Language Arts | Real World Application or Field Study

Station WVIZ in Ohio

My Classroom Innovation

The students are engaged when working with the Great Word Quest. They picked which group they wanted to belong to and started their quest. Then we discussed quests further and decided to go on our our questions by venturing out on field trips. Then we would come back after the field trip and discuss our quests. This really helped with their knowledge and social skills in new situations.

How Students were Engaged

My students have multiple disabilities and it's very difficult to find lessons that will keep their attention for any length of time. This lesson captured their attention and they succeeded in their endeaveors. Each student would scream with excitement when they reached the next level and continued their quest. I transfered their skills/knowledge from this Word Quest to Knowledge Quests on field trips. It worked great and I'm so proud of them.

PBS Program/Content Used

PBS Kids The Great Word Quest