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Showing Fengli (Trish) Yu

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Second Place

9-12 | Reading & Language Arts | Video Production

Station WTVI in North Carolina

My Classroom Innovation

For the Weather Report Project, my 9th grade Chinese students were divided into groups and asked to produce a weather report video. Students learned weather-related vocabulary. They figured out Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion and familiarized themselves with all the elements involved in a weather report. Students created their own script and edited it heavily before filming occurred. All group members were heavily involved in the whole process; each one has a specific role. It was amazing to see how enthusiastic and passionate the students were in their reporting. The winning group even worked voluntarily on a Saturday on their video.

How Students were Engaged

The students were excited about doing a video. It was a great way to make the learing process engaging and fun. In the process of doing this, students learned not only subject related knowledge; they also learned map reading, communication and public speaking skills.

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