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Second Place

6-8 | Reading & Language Arts | Online Community Tools

Station WNET in New York

My Classroom Innovation is a digital newspaper that integrates our seventh grade social studies curriculum (which includes the American Revolution)with the PBS Now lesson plan on Writing and Reporting. I created the site in order to get students excited about writing and to showcase their work. I used Wordpress, an open-source blogging software, to create the site. As a result, students were able to create their own log-ins and submit work to me (and a select team of student editors) "from the field."

How Students were Engaged

I loved this assignment because it allowed all of my students the opportunity to become truly published writers. While each student was only required to submit two articles, many wrote far more than that! Struggling writers worked hard to get their work up to acceptable standards and the more experienced writers had the chance to serve as peer editors. Take a look ... the writing speaks for itself.

PBS Program/Content Used

NOW Classroom Writing & Reporting lesson plan