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6-8 | Reading & Language Arts | Web Production

Station KAKM in Alaska

My Classroom Innovation

In this short film you see two classes and two projects. Both projects are based on web communications. You will see students creating video casts on book projects. The students create QR codes which they track linked to the book videos. We then place the QR codes on the jackets of the coinciding books in the school library as a reference for other students looking at the books. The QR codes work with school Ipod scanners linking possible readers to these students' reviews. The second section is our live digital announcements. Students plan, create, produce, stream, and maintain all hardware and software as well as creation of public service announcements and live news streamed online and live every day. 300 words could never explain the innovation going into that class. The movie gives only a glimpse.

How Students were Engaged

The QR code projects link student work to their peers and family world wide. Our district maintains a google apps account for all students and we still see students tracking the hits on their qr codes during their free time. That engagement speaks for itself. Students take this skill on to marketing projects and further brainstorm other uses for this media in both educational and marketing scenarios.
The announcements class produces a local-news quality show daily. The skills they take away are marketable in unlimited realms outside of school.

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