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First Place

9-12 | Science & Tech | Video Production

Station WSRE in Florida

My Classroom Innovation

Over the past four years, my students and I have created and distributed four full-length documentaries about our school, and we have screened three of these in local movie theaters. Our project is this: we are currently in pre-production for our fifth and most ambitious film project. This year’s film will feature an original score composed and recorded by students, a script written by students, video shot and edited by students, and promotional materials designed by students. We will be distributing DVD copies of the film, along with full-color posters, later this school year, and our film will publicly premiere in May 2013. This approach--full production and public screening--is both innovative and applicable to real-world multimedia work. As my video shows, I have enhanced the project by using the News Hour page to teach journalistic video structure.

How Students were Engaged

This project has been engaging multimedia students of all levels, from freshmen to seniors. They have been intrinsically motivated and proactive in their individual assignments, working toward an exciting collective goal. I look forward to guiding them through the frenetic spring production schedule. In terms of student learning gains, I have seen positive results. This past spring my stability group, composed of multimedia students, scored over four points higher than the school average on both reading and math standardized tests, and over two points higher than the district average. Practical application has abounded as we have worked on this project. Students have covered community as well as school events, taking initiative and contributing to collective history. As the project is ongoing, I cannot make any final judgments at this time.

PBS Program/Content Used

News Hour webpage