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K-2 | Reading & Language Arts | Digital Storytelling

Station WETA in Virginia

My Classroom Innovation

My project titled, “Creating a Digital Class Library to Promote Early Literacy and 21st Century Learning” was inspired by my commitment to prepare my Kindergarten students for the 21st Century and build their developing reading skills. As a class, we create digital books based on the content we are learning; with the end result being that we have a collection of the books organized in an online library on our Blackboard site. The online library continues to grow throughout the year as we add new books. Students use the iPads to video record, take pictures, label, and type their own writing. We use iMovie and Windows Movie Maker to put the projects together. This project teaches across the curriculum because students are always using their writing skills to write the story, oral skills tell the story, technology skills to help put the project together, and their reading skills to read the finished product. We have created books to help us learn about Science (“Our Squirrel Documentary), Social Studies (“Friends and Family around the World”, “Our Winter Holiday Celebrations” and “Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch”, Language Arts (“Our School Shoes” and “Room 104, Room 104 Who Do you See” and “Our Class Walk”, and Math (“Our 10 Black Dots”). The language arts digital books we make are modeled after popular children’s literature in order to help students understand that they can be authors too! We are continuing to build our online digital library, which students listen to during literacy stations and at home through Blackboard. I plan on using a PBS resource to enhance one of our future projects. This project truly allows students to be creative and innovative while using technology to show what they have learned because they are the creators these wonderful digital books!

How Students were Engaged

This project engages students because they are the creators and producers. Each time I introduce a new topic that we can make a digital book about, the students are eager to brainstorm ideas to make it even better than the previous one. I have taught the students to be independent with the iPads so that they feel ownership in creating the books. Because they are enjoying creating the books they are soaking up the content of the particular subject at the same time. I have excellent pre and post-data to show these remarkable results. The students have been continually making connections to digital books they have made so far throughout the school year, which shows their ability to retain the information and really understand it. As a result of students retaining the information so well, they are able to build upon the knowledge they have and apply it to other things we are learning. Their growth in technology skills continues to grow as well with each book we make. The growth in technology skills and the ability to create digital books is helping them become innovative, 21st century learners.

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