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First Place

6-8 | Reading & Language Arts | Online Community Tools

Station GPB in Georgia

My Classroom Innovation

At our school, I sponsor an after school book club for upper grade students. We read all of the books on the Georgia Children’s Book Award nominee list. We kicked off our first meeting this year with a PBS resource. We viewed an interview with author Joan Bauer on The students were especially interested since Ms. Bauer’s book Close to Famous is on our nominee list this year. During meetings, we meet in traditional book club groups to discuss the books and also answer comprehension questions that prepare us for the county-wide Reading Bowl competition. We also use several Web 2.0 tools that allow students to comprehend the books better and also share their knowledge and opinions with a wider audience. During meetings, students add their own comprehension questions to a wiki so that all students can access the questions and practice answering them. Also, students share their thoughts and opinions of the books on a blog I have set up for this purpose. Last, students each create a Glog (online poster) to advertise their favorite book. The Glogs are shared with teachers and students to encourage them to read the books as well. These Web 2.0 tools transform our book club meetings into vibrant collaboration sessions.

How Students were Engaged

After starting a Web 2.0 book club, I will never go back to having a traditional book club! The online tools motivate our students to participate. They are thoroughly engaged during meetings and never off task. Our students are empowered by knowing their opinions and work have an audience outside our meetings. After our first few meetings, I noticed that students were using the book club wiki and blog outside our meetings. Soon after, I was so pleased to learn that our students created Glogs for other school projects. After being introduced to the Web 2.0 tools, our students were able to apply their knowledge to assignments given in other classes. The best part of a Web 2.0 book club was observing our students learning together.

PBS Program/Content Used

All About Adolescent Literacy - Meet the Author: Joan Bauer