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First Place

PreK | Science & Tech | Real World Application or Field Study

Station WEDU in Florida

My Classroom Innovation

Pre-School children are a curious bunch of kids! They have so many questions and I was actively searching for a way to answer them. When I met Sid the Science Kid, I thought, “This is what I’ve been looking for! I have to get Sid in my Pre-K program." So off to work I went.
Partnering with WEDU and The Henson Group, I was able to identify and select episodes of Sid the Science Kid that aligned with the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for 4-year-olds. The Henson Group agreed to modify the episodes into a format that would work in my school district and I wrote lesson plans and pre/post assessments to support this program. I also developed a science kit for every classroom to ensure that teachers and students had the tools they needed to support this program. Our school district now had a complete science curriculum to pilot in our Summer VPK program in 2012. This curriculum included six Sid the Science Kid episodes aligned with the standards and fully developed lesson plans that included a hands-on investigation, a song, a book, an activity and an online extension for students. We also had new science kits for each of the classrooms. Our adventure with Sid was now ready to begin!

How Students were Engaged

The results were overwhelming! I collected both qualitative and quantitative data to gauge the success of this program. The assessment data reported several significant gains from pre to post in the topics covered. In the survey to teachers immediately following the program, teachers were asked various questions about the program including the impact on student engagement, quality of the lesson plans included in the curriculum and this program’s impact on their own level of enthusiasm for teaching science in an early childhood setting. The results were impressive:
•Over 90% of teachers surveyed felt that their students were actively engaged in Sid the Science Kid and the related activities.
•100% of teachers who participated in the survey agreed that the weekly lesson plans were easy to follow and had a logical progression.
•Over 90% of teachers surveyed felt that Sid the Science Kid curriculum has positively impacted their enthusiasm toward teaching science in an early childhood setting.

Students were using the vocabulary they learned through Sid and incorporating it into their play, conversations and other content areas throughout the day. They were applying their new knowledge to situations outside the classroom and parents were coming to classrooms to talk about it! And teachers were excited to teach science. One teacher summed it up the best in her open-ended response to a question in the survey: "I LOVE SID THE SCIENCE KID!"

PBS Program/Content Used

Sid the Science Kid