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9-12 | Math | Interactive Whiteboard

Station WRLK in South Carolina

My Classroom Innovation

The project we have launched is called the Live Lesson Learning Lounge. In the virtual world, having a knowledgeable teacher there to help you is key, but collaborating with other students is often even more valuable. Well, we designed a program to facilitate both. In our Algebra 2 course here at FLVS, we require students to complete one of the activities in the course collaboratively. Through our Live Lesson Learning Lounge, students attend a 30 minute overview of the lesson and are then given the opportunity to complete the assignment with other students who have also signed in for the lesson overview. The video submission is an example of one of our sessions.

How Students were Engaged

We collected the following data from FY 2010 - 2011:
58 teachers, 4 live lesson each week, 2265 students attending overall, 9143 students successfully completed our course.

In the 2011 - 2012 FY, this was the data:
54 teachers, 35 live lessons each week, 13775 students attending overall, 13753 successful completions.

So, with 4 fewer teachers, we hosted over 30 additional lessons weekly, saw over 11,500 more students engaged and helped over 4600 additional students successfully complete.

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