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9-12 | Science & Tech | Real World Application or Field Study

Station KDIN in Iowa

My Classroom Innovation

I used a project-based learning experience to apply momentum and impulse to a two-dimensional collision. This was then applied to the issue of the back school parking lot, which has had several fender-benders, and a lot of student pedestrian traffice. Students were asked to define the issue, and figure out solutions. PBS resources were used throughout the unit, as well as PHET activities and modeling information provided through the NSF curriculum supplied by Arizona State Modeling Project. Students have experimented with accelerometers, seat belt design, bumper design, and data collection using Vernier probes to collect real data. They also have collected information on impulse and crash tests from the NOVA resources and

How Students were Engaged

The students had to apply information, use common language, communicate to others and use physics as applied to a real skill. The transfer of information was conveyed in the spring to the Superintendent, who wrote a response to the students. This has carried over to this fall, ( where students in this semester's class are meeting with the city street committee, the superintendent, the school board, and the facilities manager to discuss the issue and suggest solutions for the future. This is authentic learning for the real world.

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