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9-12 | Science & Tech | Digital Storytelling

Station NJTV in New Jersey

My Classroom Innovation

The Department of Special Education embarked on a journey of using I-Pad's in our special education classrooms. They were given a project last year to use the application I-Movie and create a persuasive video to convince the Superintendent of Schools to purchase I-pads for classroom use.

We used the PBS video: Techniques of Persuasive Presentations - Ebony, the Elephant Calf

How Students were Engaged

Students who were not engaged in school began to be more engaged and excited with learning how to use video to tell a story. The teacher became a facilitator in the classroom and the students took charge of the video. They learned how to use the application on their own and created a persuasive digital story on the innovative ways to use an I-Pad in a vocational and technical school district.

PBS Program/Content Used