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9-12 | Science & Tech | Video Production

Station WFSU in Florida

My Classroom Innovation

Students were required to create a video to explain the proper use of commonly misused words. Examples of commonly misused words include its and it’s, there, their and they’re, and your and you’re.

The lesson was innovative because it used media to help teach literacy, which is a novel approach. I believe the principles of media production can be used to teach any subject. In addition, students were required to create a video that would teach the proper usage of a set of misused words to their peers.

Understanding a concept is one thing, but teaching it to someone else takes it to another level. Effective teaching requires mastery.

As the instructor, I emphasized the fact that their commonly misused words video productions were expected to be interesting as well as educational. Sesame Street was highlighted as one example of an effective video production that is simultaneously interesting and educational. Students had previously learned about criteria that are necessary to create interesting video productions.

Students were required to come up with an idea, complete a script, record narration and edit their video. A few groups chose to include skits, but shooting original footage was not required.

How Students were Engaged

The students were actively engaged throughout the project. The assignment challenged them to think creatively about an academically related problem.

Students demonstrated understanding by successfully developing their concepts, completing their videos and demonstrating their mastery of the subject matter through engaging classroom discussions. Students had to evaluate their videos using a rubric before finalizing and submitting them.

The project required students to go beyond a typical PowerPoint-like presentation and think critically and creatively about their set of words, consider the difference in how each word is spelled, and how that difference could help teach proper usage.

PBS Program/Content Used

Sesame Street