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Learning.now is a weblog that explores how new technology and Internet culture affect how educators teach and children learn. It will offer a continuing look at how new technology such as wikis, blogs, vlogs, RSS, podcasts, social networking sites, and the always-on culture of the Internet are impacting teacher and students' lives both inside and out of the classroom.
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I like this site and have linked to it from my teacher page - but you said it was launched today? I’ve had a link up to it for a couple of months! Is it just the discussion forums that are new? They definitely add another dimension to the site that makes it even more valuable.

I didn’t say it launched today - I said they had their official kickoff this week. The site had been in beta testing prior to that.

I appreciate the focus of Blogsafety.com and know parents and educators will find it useful. I plan to start a blog this year with my 5th grade students but anticipate there will be resistance from parents. Of course I teach online safety long before allowing participation in projects of this type but everything presently in the media about social networking is so negative. I need more positive examples to share with parents so they can see the value of using this powerful tool. Any suggestions?

You should check out TakingITGlobal. It’s an online social network of 100,000 young people in 200 countries, interacting so they can tackle a variety of issues related to global development - all without adult supervision. It’s a prime example of online social networking technology being used to make a positive difference. And my own online community, the Digital Divide Network, is an OSN with 10,000 members working together to bridge the digital divide. -andy

Hi Andy,
This looks like it’s a fantastic site. Unfortunately I can’t get there right now, because I’m at school, and blogsafety.com is blocked. Must not have much to offer students or teachers… aaargh.

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