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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a method for online publishers to share and distribute their content directly to other websites or individual Internet users. RSS allows other websites to display the latest content from other websites. Similarly, Internet users will often collect RSS feeds from their favorite websites and use special software known as "RSS readers" to receive the latest content from these sites without having to visit them one at a time. It's not unlike having your own personalized news wire service, only including the blogs and news headlines that you select. You can learn more about the basics of RSS technology by reading my tutorial, What's RSS and Why Should I Care About It?, posted at the Digital Divide Network.

There are dozens of RSS readers available; many are offered free of charge. Some readers are available as desktop software that you download and install on your computer. Others are web-based readers that you can access on the Internet. Google lists many of the available RSS readers, and you can learn more about news readers and RSS in this great guide from Lockergnome.

Subscribing to the learning.now RSS Feeds

After you sign up for an RSS reader or service, you can return to learning.now to subscribe to our RSS feed. Here's how. If you have a web-based reader, find the appropriate button below and click on it to add the learning.now feed to your reader.

  • Subscribe via MyYahoo
  • Subscribe in NewsGator Online
  • Subscribe with Pluck RSS reader
  • Subscribe in Rojo
  • Subscribe with Bloglines
  • Add to Google

If you have an RSS reader that is a stand-alone computer program, then you can cut and paste this web address for the learning.now feed into your reader:

RSS also allows you to keep up with the conversations and comments on learning.now. To receive the comments posted to each learning.now post via RSS, cut and past this web address for the learning.now comment feed into your reader:

Some browsers and readers allow you to add RSS feeds simply by right-clicking on RSS or XML buttons that you see on various web sites and blogs. If you run into any problems adding the learning.now news feed, please let us know through the Feedback page.

Other RSS Feeds on PBS

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