245 00|a Truman. |n Part one.

260 __|a Arlington, VA : |b PBS, |c 2008.

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500 __|a Title from web site description.

508 __|a Writer, producer, David Grubin.

511 0_|a Narrator, Jason Robards.

520 __|a He was a farmer, a haberdasher gone bankrupt, an unknown politician from Missouri who suddenly found himself president. Of all the men who had held office, he was the least prepared. Yet Harry S Truman would have to end the war with Germany and Japan, decide whether to use the most terrible weapon ever devised, confront the Soviet Union and wage war in Korea.
The first night of "Truman" recounts his early struggles and failures as a young adult and his undying determination to have an accomplishment to call his own. Truman's success as an army captain during World War I gave him the confidence to marry his lifelong sweetheart, Bess, and begin his path into the world of politics. When he landed the vice presidency with FDR in 1944, he had no idea that his world was about to change forever. 150 minutes.

521 __|a Middle school to adult.

546 __|a Closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

600 10|a Truman, Harry S., |d 1884-1972

650 _0|a Presidents |z United States |v Biography.

700 1_|a Grubin, David

700 1_|a Robards, Jason

710 2_|a PBS

710 2_|a WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)

730 _0|a American Experience (Television program)

856 42|a http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/truman/