245 00|a Athens : |b the dawn of democracy.

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520 __|a Bettany Hughes (HELEN OF TROY, THE SPARTANS) explores the contradictions of the "Golden Age" of ancient Athens, where democracy emerged nearly 2,500 years ago. Far from an environment of peace and tranquility, democratic Athens was a bloody, tumultuous place of both brilliant ideas and a repressive regime. While the period saw the rise of philosophy, the flourishing of the arts and the creation of a great political ideal, Athens also became a warlike state that carved out an empire to enrich itself, an empire that couldn't tolerate criticism. At the same time Athenians reached new intellectual heights, they practiced "black magic" and created a society where one in three Athenians was a slave. Women were denied the vote and rhetoricians practiced modern "spin control" as an integral part of democracy. No two years went by that Athenians didn't vote to go to war. Eventually the empire withered, to be crushed finally by Alexander the Great. It would be another 2,000 years before society was once again able to tolerate the idea of democracy - rule by the people. 120 minutes.

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