245 00|a Nureyev : |b the Russian years.

260 __|a Arlington, VA : |b PBS, |c 2007.

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520 __|a Rudolf Nureyev is one of the enduring icons of 20th-century performing arts, a figure whose fame reached far beyond the ballet stage. What is there to say about Nureyev that hasn't already been said in numerous books and documentaries? In a post-Soviet world, new sources of information have emerged. Featuring recently recorded interviews with Russian friends and colleagues now free to discuss his early years, as well as archival footage not seen in the West, this program traces his meteoric career with fresh insight and candor. The performance documentary at last reveals why he felt compelled to defect in 1961 - his daring quest for personal and artistic freedom - as well as his painful homecoming many years later under the hostile eye of the KGB. The program will complement the publication in October 2007 of a major new authorized biography by Julie Kavanagh. 90 minutes.

521 __|a Middle school to adult.

546 __|a Closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

600 10|a Nureyev, Rudolf, |d 1938-1993

650 _0|a Ballet dancers |z Soviet Union |x Biography.

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