245 00|a Newton's dark secrets.

260 __|a Alexandria, VA : |b PBS, |c 2005.

500 __|a Copyright permission expires 06/10/09.

500 __|a Title from web site description.

508 __|a Producer, director, Chris Oxley ; producer, Malcolm Neaum.

511 0_|a Narrator, F. Murray Abraham.

520 __|a Often hailed as both the first modern scientist and the last of the ancient magicians, Isaac Newton reduced nature's chaos to a single set of mathematical laws. More than three centuries later, those laws still govern the way we analyze and forecast the motions of everything from roller coasters to comets. Besides his fundamental breakthroughs in physics, optics and calculus, Newton poured vast energy into fruitless explorations of alchemy and religion. With lively period re-creations of key moments in his career and replications of his experiments in optics and alchemy, NOVA explores how Newton became the giant upon whose shoulders all later scientists found a place to stand. 60 minutes.

521 __|a Middle school to adult.

546 __|a Closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

600 10|a Newton, Isaac, |c Sir, |d 1642-1727

650 _0|a Physicists |z Great Britain |v Biography.

650 _0|a Science |x History |y 17th century.

650 _0|a Science |x History |y 18th century.

700 1_|a Oxley, Christopher

700 1_|a Neaum, Malcolm

700 1_|a Abraham, F. Murray

710 2_|a WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)

710 2_|a PBS

730 0_|a Nova (Television program)

856 42|a http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/newton/