245 04|a The Hobart Shakespeareans |c by Mel Stuart.

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520 __|a Teacher Rafe Esquith has a point of view - a very strong one - about educating children of immigrants. Teaching in Los Angeles at one of the nation's largest inner-city grade schools, Hobart Elementary, Esquith leads his class of fifth graders through an uncompromising curriculum of English, mathematics, geography and literature. He inspires them with cross-country trips to learn history firsthand. And at the end of the semester, every student performs in a full-length Shakespeare play: in this case Hamlet, with advice from actors Ian McKellen and Michael York. Despite language barriers and poverty, these "Hobart Shakespeareans" move on to attend outstanding colleges, motivated by a teacher honored with a National Medal of Arts. 60 minutes.

521 __|a Middle school to adult.

546 __|a Closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

600 10|a Esquith, Rafe

650 _0|a Teachers |z California |z Los Angeles.

650 _0|a Motivation in education.

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