245 00|a Hydrogen hopes.

260 __|a Alexandria, VA : |b PBS, |c 2005.

490 1_|a Frontiers.

500 __|a Copyright permission expires 07/27/08.

500 __|a Title from web site description.

511 0_|a Hosted by Alan Alda.

520 __|a We've all heard of hydrogen as the fuel of the future, but what will it take to get there from here? How can we create hydrogen from renewable sources like the sun? And how do we store it safely once we've got it?

521 __|a Middle school to adult.

546 __|a Closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

650 _0|a Hydrogen as fuel.

700 1_|a Alda, Alan, |d 1936-

710 2_|a Chedd-Angier Production Company

710 2_|a Connecticut Public Television

710 2_|a PBS

710 2_|a Scientific American, inc.

830 _0|a Scientific American frontiers (Series)

856 42|a http://www.pbs.org/saf/