245 00|a Secrets of the dead. |p Sinking Atlantis.

246 22|a Sinking Atlantis.

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440 _0|a Secrets of the dead.

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520 __|a Five thousand years ago, the Minoans, Europe's first great civilization, flourished on the island of Crete. They were the first Europeans to use writing, and their technologically advanced and rich artistic culture became the setting for famous Greek myths about Theseus, Icarus and the Minotaur. Yet in their heyday, the Minoans were wiped from the pages of history. The cause of their downfall has remained one of the foremost mysteries of the ancient world . . . until now. "Sinking Atlantis" explores - and discounts - all the usual theories about the disappearance of the Minoans - from a massive volcano that buried them in ash to Greek invaders who conquered and killed them. Then, the film digs deeper into the soil and the history, following archeologist Sandy MacGillivray as he finds startling evidence of a massive tsunami that struck the island and destroyed all the major Minoan cities. Was this the origin of the myth of Atlantis? Drawing from the archaeological records, new revelations about Minoan language and religion and shocking new geological discoveries, MacGillivray connects fact with fiction and reveals the truth behind the reign and fall of the great Minoan civilization. 60 minutes.

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