245 00|a Secrets of the dead. |p Gangland graveyard.

246 22|a Gangland graveyard.

260 __|a Alexandria, VA : |b PBS, |c 2005.

440 _0|a Secrets of the dead.

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520 __|a It started with a severed foot in a vacant lot. By the time the painstaking FBI investigation ended, a powerful Mafia crime family was shattered, and its once-invincible "don" faced life behind bars. With firsthand accounts from FBI special agents, this program explores the brave new world of federal investigation, which combines old-fashioned undercover work with cutting-edge financial sleuthing and forensics. The latest SECRETS OF THE DEAD installment tracks the dramatic downfall of "Big Joey" Massino, delving into the largely unheralded FBI effort to cripple the mob. Joseph D. Pistone, who posed as tough-talking jewel thief Donnie Brasco and whose time in the Mafia was later made into the movie Donnie Brasco, provides insight. 60 minutes.

521 __|a High school to adult.

546 __|a Closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

600 10|a Pistone, Joseph D.

610 10|a United States |b Federal Bureau of Investigation

650 _0|a Mafia |z United States.

700 1_|a Pistone, Joseph D.

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