Mathematics in Asia

The Abacus  |  Tangrams and Fractions  |  Take A Trip  |  Career Connections  |  More Math Concepts

Money and Abacus Take a trip to the far East and discover the wonderful tools used in Asia to learn mathematics. Learn about an Asian calculator that requires beads, not batteries. Create seven geometric shapes from a square. Learn to convert from U.S. Dollars to various Asian currencies. You will learn all these things when you uncover the secrets of Math in Asia.

In Activity 1: The Abacus, students are taken to China and Japan to explore the abacus. Learn to read an abacus, show numbers on the abacus and add on it.

Make your own tangrams in Activity 2: Tangrams and Fractions. Explore a little geometry, compare fractions and make cool patterns with your tangram pieces.

In Activity 3: Take a Trip, students have the opportunity to travel to Japan. Convert U.S. Dollars to various asian currencies and explore the geography of Japan.