The Magic Box

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Students will recognize, describe, create and extend repeating and arithmetic patterns.

Overview of the Lesson

Students are immersed in a variety of activities that give them experience in recognizing, describing and extending repeating and arithmetic patterns. Students begin the lesson by describing patterns they find in the classroom. As the teacher skips rope, students describe the arithmetic or numerical pattern that she is representing. Students are actively engaged in the exploration of patterns as they sing, clap, and identify patterns in the teacher’s “magic box.” They are given shapes and challenged to extend a pattern started by the teacher. Students then work at centers to further investigate patterns. They photograph patterns on the school grounds and building. Students string beads in a pattern, make creations with Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs, and explore patterns on the computer. They read the Patchwork Quilt and make their own quilt patterns. Some eager mathemagicians make activities for their teacher’s “Magic Box.”