Money Counts
Number Sense/Computation

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Students will count and compare amounts of money less than or equal to one dollar.

Overview of the Lesson

Through a collection of hands-on activities, students gain experience in counting, exchanging, and comparing money. Students begin the lesson by finding all of the possible combinations of coins that can be used to equal a specified amount of money. They then compare two amounts of money and use number sense skills and problem solving strategies to move coins from one group to another so that both groups are equal in value. Students play the Money Exchange Game as they roll a die with money amounts and try to be the first person to obtain exactly $1.00. Students must make monetary exchanges in the game such as trading ten pennies for a dime. The students are then immersed in an economics activity as they shop in the teacher made puppet supply store where they are given one dollar to buy items to make a paper bag puppet.