Tessellations WOW!
Geometry/Spatial Relations

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Students will identify and use shapes to make a tessellation.

Overview of the Lesson

Through the use of a variety of modalities such as literature, music, writing, and art, students are introduced to the concept of tessellations. While taking a class walk around the school grounds and neighboring community, students identify real-life examples of tessellations and photograph them. Using the photographs, they later write a class big book, Tessellation Walk , and sing amusing tessellation songs with the teacher. Students then work in small groups as they explore tessellations through a variety of engaging and motivating activities organized into classroom centers. Centers include activities that require students to create their own tessellations with paper. Then with compressed sponge paper, students soak the sponges in water and make tessellations on the sidewalk. Sponges and paint provide a medium for students to make large tessellations on chart paper which will later be used for the cover of their newly written big book. Students are also given opportunities to create tessellations on the computer.