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the civil rights movement in american literature: related resources

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Slavery and the Making of America:

American Experience - Malcolm X: Make It Plain:

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Independent Lens - February One: The Story of the Greensboro Four

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This Far By Faith:

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recommended web sites

Voices from the Gaps
Voices from the Gaps, from the University of Minnesota, focuses on the lives and works of women writers of color in North America. Among the dozens of authors, you'll find Maya Angelou, Rita Dove, Louise Erdrich, Gish Jen, Maxine Hong Kingston, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Esmeralda Santiago. Each author page presents biographical, critical and bibliographical information about the writer. A short note to educators offers suggestions on using the resources in the classroom.
Subject: Reading & Language Arts
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Black Arts Movement
The Black Arts Movement (BAM) spans the period from the mid 1960's to the mid 1970's. Authors represented at this site include Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones), Nikki Giovanni, and Sonia Sanchez. Some of the key concepts of this movement are Black Power, cultural nationalism, and black aesthetics. The role of women in the movement is also featured.
Subject: Reading & Language Arts; Social Studies
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Powerful Days in Black and White
Sometimes words can't convey what photographs can. Photographer Charles Moore was present for many of the Civil Rights events in the early 1960s, from Martin Luther King's arrest in Montgomery, Alabama to Klansmen burning a cross. To navigate the photos on this site, click on the single words such as: riots, Dragon, widow, or vote.
Subject: The Arts
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Reporting Civil Rights
This timeline from 1941 to 1973 presents the reporters and journalism of the American Civil Rights Movement. Over 100 reporters are featured along with short biographies, bibliographies and some selected texts in this anthology from the Library of America.
Subject: Reading & Language Arts; Social Studies
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The State of Working America 2004-05
The Economic Policy Institute publishes an annual book about the state of the working class in the United States, rating the income, wages, jobs, wealth, poverty, CEO pay, minorities, women, inequality, and work hours for the previous year. There are fact sheets to download on each of these topics. The International Comparisons chapter compares the economic performance of the United States to the 19 other rich, industrialized countries.
Subject: Math
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Voices of Civil Rights
"Voices of Civil Rights" covers the period from the 14th amendment in 1868 abolishing slavery to the 2003 Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action. The site highlights many civil rights movements in addition to the Civil Rights Movement in the early 1960s: gay and lesbian, equal rights for women, American Indian Movement, and the Gray Panthers support for the elderly and disabled. There is a section on ongoing civil rights issues and how activists today are seeking equality in education, eliminating hate crimes, and promoting racial tolerance. Other features include Jackie Robinson's impact on civil rights, a glossary, a photo gallery, and a quiz.
Subject: Social Studies
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SNCC: 1960-1966
The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was created to coordinate sit-ins, freedom rides, voter registration, and other means of nonviolent protest to promote equality for blacks. Their peaceful responses to violent oppression were key to gaining support for their cause. Other major issues covered at the site are Black Power, white liberalism, feminism, and the war in Vietnam. Audio clips include pieces from Julian Bond, Fannie Lou Hamer, and two protest songs. Note that the audio takes time to load, give it a few moments.
Subject: Social Studies
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recommended books

Thin Wood Walls
By David Patneaude
Published September 2004
Grades: 3-5; 6-8
Subjects: Reading & Language Arts
After Pearl Harbor is bombed, Joe Hanada's father is arrested, and Joe and his family are sent to a War Relocation Camp. His older brother enlists in the U.S. Army and is killed in combat. At Tule Lake, Joe records his experiences in a journal. Joe's story is much like that of 120,000 interned Japanese Americans during World War II.
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Sammy and Juliana in Hollywood
By Benjamin Alire Senz
Published August 2004
Grades: 6-8; 9-12
Subjects: Reading & Language Arts
Violence, racism, and the Vietnam War color this ill-starred love story set in a small town New Mexico. Sammy falls for Juliana in the summer before his senior year and loses her almost immediately when she is killed in a domestic argument. What follows is a young Chicano's odyssey in 1960s America.
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A Dream of Freedom: The Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to 1968
By Diane McWhorter
Published September 2004
Grades: 6-8
Subjects: Social Studies
This introduction to the Civil Rights Movement covers the major events from Brown v. the Board of Education to the murder of Martin Luther King. It has many photographs and sidebars highlighting the major players in a struggle that continues today. Recommended books and Websites are listed.
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