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A Science Odyssey: Medicine and Health
Through the interactive game "Doctor Over Time" and the articles that describe medical advances in the 20th century, students learn about medical pioneers and treatments that alleviated disease over the past 100 years.

Red Gold
Learn about the science of blood and the medical pioneers who developed the techniques for blood transfusion, blood typing and more.

Epidemic! A Fred Friendly Seminar
Learn about the spread of infectious diseases.

Frontline: "Dr. Solomon's Dilemma"
How are doctors being affected by the rising cost of patient health insurance?

Frontline: "Medicating Kids"
Learn more about the ADHD diagnosis and the treatment options that follow.

NOVA: "Killer Disease on Campus"
Learn more about one of the most frightening infections on the planet: meningococcal disease.

NOVA: "Survivor M.D."
Follow the careers and concerns of seven doctors whose lives as physicians began when they entered Harvard Medical School in 1987.

NOVA: "Cancer Warrior"
Learn how Dr. Judah Folkman treats cancer by cutting off blood flow to tumors.

NOVA: "Coma"
revolution in the making in the treatment of coma patients.

NOVA: "Cut to the Heart"
Explore a radical but promising new form of heart surgery that flies in the face of what most heart surgeons learned in medical school.

NOVA: "Surviving AIDS"

NOVA: "Electric Heart"
Meet the brilliant, obsessed surgeons and researchers who have pursued the target of a practical artificial heart for decades.

Scientific American Frontiers: "A Different Way to Heal?"
Learn more about the growing popularity of alternative medicine.

Scientific American Frontiers: "Affairs of the Heart"
Investigate advances in the repair and replacement of the hard-working heart.

Health Care Crisis: Who's At Risk?
How will America respond to millions of uninsured citizens?

Children's Hospital
Meet remarkable doctors, patients, and families at Chicago's Children's Memorial Hospital.

recommended web sites

Vital Decisions
In 2002, the Pew Internet Project found that 62% of Internet users, 73 million people in the US, have used the Internet for health information. How do people know the information they are finding is reliable? This report indicates that many health seekers don't use information from sites that are too commercial, or if they couldn't determine the source of the information or when it was last updated. The report also includes hot topics for information seekers, creating successful searches, and evaluation of health related sites.
Subject: Health & Fitness; Social Studies; Reading & Language Arts (Media Literacy)
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Give Life: The Transplant Journey
This site puts the viewer in the position of the organ donor. That situation might be disturbing to some viewers, but also brings the issue close to home. Education, decision-making, and family notification of a person's choice to be an organ donor are emphasized. There are images and short introductions of several organ donors, a glossary to explain unfamiliar terms, and answers to questions such as how many people can one donor help. There are tissue transplants in addition to the organ transplants, the heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, and liver. RealAudio is required to hear the narration and Shockwave is required for some animations.
Subjects: Health & Fitness; Science & Technology
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No Stigma: National Mental Health Awareness Campaign
More than 6 million young people in the US may have mental health disorders that interfere with their school, family, and work lives. Whether you are in crisis or know someone who is, you can find resources to find help. For some people, it isn't "just the blues" and that should be recognized and treated as you would a physical illness. You can meet Ross, the spokesman for No Stigma, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a teen. His experiences were difficult but he has also succeeded in college as well as helping erase the stigma about mental illness by talking with teens.
Subject: Health & Fitness
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Health Insurance Is a Family Matter: Webcast
Nearly one in five families has at least one uninsured family member and more than 80 percent of uninsured children and adults under age 65 live in working families. The three most common results of being uninsured is that the family will suffer financially, families are less likely to get timely health services, and the health and long term development for children can be compromised. This report from the Institute of Medicine outlines the causes and results of not having health insurance, especially for children. The summary is available in Spanish.
Subject: Health & Fitness; Social Studies
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Kaiser Family Foundation State Health Facts Online
Find state specific information or compare the 50 states in regard to health related topics such as health status, health coverage, Medicaid, Medicare, managed care, women's health, minority health, and HIV/AIDS. Information is displayed as tables, rankings, graphs or color coded maps. These facts can be downloaded as delimited text files for students working with the data. The site is from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Other health related reports can be accessed from their main site.
Subject: Math; Health & Fitness; Social Studies
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National Museum of Health and Medicine
Online exhibits from the museum at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center include Naming the Vietnam Unknown, Medicine during the Civil War, and Combat Medicine in the Korean Conflict. You can explore the Anatifacts collection of medical oddities, Evolution of the Microscope, and Medical Instruments. The interactive components have games and you'll want to turn your sound on to enjoy the buzzing and cheering as you make your guesses. If you are a smoker, check out the smoker's lung alongside the healthy lung, you might reconsider your choice. Flash is required for some animations and interactive sections of the site.
Subject: Health & Fitness; Social Studies; Science & Technology
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Medicine Through Time
A site from BBC Education presents medicine from prehistory through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and the Modern World. Don't miss the barber-surgeon section of the Gory Story, it will make you grateful to live in a time of modern medical practices. Helpful hints in the pupil notes section are geared toward a British exam for high school students, but the advice offered on how to answer essay questions is useful to any high school student. The Library houses lesson plans and images for downloading. From the main page, take time to read the How to Use information. The site can be viewed in a non-interactive format or in an enhanced animated format using Flash with fun activities such as Step Back in Time.
Subject: Health & Fitness; Social Studies; Science & Technology
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recommended books

Madness: A Brief History
By Roy Porter
Published April 2002
Grades: 9-12; Professional Development
Subjects: Health & Fitness; Social Studies
How we treat the insane is determined by how we define insanity. Demonic possession, divine punishment, humoral imbalance, nature, and nurture have all had their day. This illustrated overview examines our changing perceptions of the origins of madness and our adapting treatment of its sufferers from 5000 BC to the present. An appendix lists books for further study.
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The Hope Tree: Kids Talk About Breast Cancer
By Laura Joffe Numeroff, Wendy Schlessel Harpham, and David M. McPhail
Published September 2001
Grades: 3-5
Subjects: Health & Fitness
Based on real cases of mothers with breast cancer, this book was created to help children and their families talk about cancer and its treatment in a positive way. Ten issues, from finding out to how children can be helpful around the house, are illustrated and presented in the voices of children from 8-12 years old.
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Anorexia Nervosa: When Food Is the Enemy
By Erica Smith
Published April 1999
Grades: 6-8
Subjects: Health & Fitness
Ninety to 95 percent of the more than 8 million Americans suffering from eating disorders are female, though the number of males is increasing. This book for 9-12 year olds talks about what anorexia is; its effects on the body; our cultural quest for thinness; and lists warning signals, tips for prevention, and tips for confronting someone you suspect has an eating disorder.
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Common Colds (My Health)
By Alvin Silverstein, Virginia Silverstein, and Laura Silverstein Nunn
Published September 1999
Grades: 6-8
Subjects: Health & Fitness
Did you know that you will probably have between 50 and 100 colds in your lifetime? Do you want to know what that gooey stuff is that drips out of your nose? If you are 9-12, learn what colds are, how your body fights them, how colds are spread, and how to prevent and treat them. A section called "Learning More" lists print and Web resources for information.
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Do You Remember the Color Blue: And Other Questions Kids Ask About Blindness
By Sally Hobart Alexander
Published April 2000
Grades: 3-5; 6-8
Subjects: Health & Fitness
Would you rather be blind or deaf? What if you were blind or deaf? The author, blind since 1969, answers this and other questions as she tells her own story. In addition, readers 9-12 will learn about the tools, animals, and skills the blind depend on to get along in a sighted world. An appendix describes visionless exercises for the sighted.
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Dr. White
By Jane Goodall, Julie Wintz-Litty, and Rosemary Manning
Published March 1999
Grades: PreK-2; 3-5
Subjects: Health & Fitness
Readers age 4-8 who love their pets will be interested in pet-assisted therapy, which is introduced in this warm story about a dog who visits sick patients at a hospital in London. The dog, "Dr. White," is banned from the hospital by its administrator, but he has a change of heart when his own daughter becomes seriously ill and asks for the dog.
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An Early Winter
By Marion Dane Bauer
Published October 1999
Grades: 6-8
Subjects: Health & Fitness
Eleven-year-old Tim can't accept that his grandfather has Alzheimer's disease. To prove to his family that his grandfather is still able to take care of himself, Tim plans a secret fishing trip, but the trip quickly turns into a disaster. This novel is for readers 9-12.
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Elizabeth Blackwell: The First Woman Doctor
By Ira Peck
Published September 2000
Grades: 6-8
Subjects: Social Studies; Health & Fitness
This illustrated biography for readers 9-12 outlines the life and career of the first woman to attend and graduate from a medical school. Although the loss of an eye to infection ended her dream of becoming a surgeon, Blackwell continued to practice medicine, providing health education for women and health care to the poor, training nurses for service in the Civil War, and starting the Women's Medical College in New York City and the London School of Medicine for Women.
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Heart and Soul: The Story of Florence Nightingale
By Gena K. Gorrell
Published November 2000
Grades: 6-8
Subjects: Social Studies; Health & Fitness
At a time when no respectable woman became a nurse, Florence Nightingale left her privileged position to aid wounded British soldiers during the Crimean War. A demanding woman who was outraged by the suffering around her, Nightingale forever changed how we care for the sick and injured. This biography is generously illustrated with photographs and art.
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It 'Snot Just Tissues : Factoids, Activities, and Sniff! : Brainteasers for the Sick Reader
By the Editors of Planet Dexter and Jack Keely
Published November 1999
Grades: 6-8
Subjects: Health & Fitness; Science & Technology
Feeling under the weather? This book-and-tissue-box combo is sure to entertain and educate while you recuperate. Each tissue comes printed with special factoids, cartoons, or tongue twisters, and the companion book offers games, puzzles, and brainteasers teaching about illness and anatomy.
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By Elizabeth Winthrop and Betsy Lewin
Published April 2000
Grades: PreK-2
Subjects: Health & Fitness
Sarah remembers when her mother had hair and could run a race in the park. Now her mother is bald, and a walk around the block exhausts her. For children 4-8, this picture book shows how Sarah, with help from her father and mother, struggles to cope with the changes resulting from cancer treatment.
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Toothworms and Spider Juice: An Illustrated History of Dentistry
By Loretta Frances Ichord
Published February 2000
Grades: 6-8
Subjects: Health & Fitness
This generously illustrated history for readers 9-12 examines the roots of dentistry, from cures for toothworm to Ancient Mayan cosmetic practices to George Washington's dentures (not wood, by the way). Did you know that ancient Chinese toothpullers practiced by pulling nails out of boards with their fingers? You'll finish this book appreciating your dentist, your hygienist, and their modern tools. Open wide.
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