Dreaming of forever at Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Posted by Senior producer Jennifer Beamish on

Senior producer Jennifer Beamish takes us behind the scenes of the shoot for the final episode at Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

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Meeting the extraordinary Cameron

Posted by Producer Johanna Gibbon on

Producer Johanna Gibbon describes the magic of meeting the remarkable teenager who had to undergo a hemispherectomy.

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Filming the Delorean and an eerie Alcatraz

Posted by Director Toby Trackman on

Director Toby Trackman describes the crew's excitement at filming with a Delorean, and dread after getting access to Alcatraz' infamous "dark hole" for the episodes "How do I Decide?" and "What is Reality?".

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Assistant producer: Hardest job, or easiest job?

Posted by Assistant Producer Chris Baron on

Assistant producer Chris Baron takes on the question of how hard his job is. The answer depends: Do you have to wear a bee suit that day? Has all your filming equipment been left 5,000 miles away?

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Remembering Dean Potter: Generous, thoughtful, and also a legendary climber

Posted by Director Nic Stacey on

Even though free climber Dean Potter was involved in such dangerous activities, his death was still shocking to the crew. The newspapers described him as a daredevil, but the first thing this producer thought of was the guy who had treated everyone to double scoop ice cream.

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Finding a Brain

Last Updated by Assistant Producer Alice Smith on

Assistant producer Alice Smith explores the challenges involved in finding a human brain to film, especially if producers want to reveal the identity of that person on national television.

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Behind the Graphics on The Brain

Last Updated by The Team at Intelligent Creatures on

In this blog post, the visual effects studio that created the graphics for the series, Intelligent Creatures, describes how its team of designers, modelers and animators created many custom assets to represent the brain and its inner workings.

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