The Great American Read

Other Worlds

Premieres October 16, 2018 8/7c

The Great American Read

Other Worlds | Preview

Aired: 2018-10-16 0:30 Expires: 2019-01-01

We explore how America’s favorite novels about other worlds reflect our own world.


Many novels on America’s list of 100 favorites take us to other worlds. From fantasy to science fiction, historical fiction to stories of spiritual realms, what do these books tell us about our own world?  We examine how these novels help us think about real-life and present-day issues.


Marie Arana, Diana Gabaldon, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Jonathan Gilmore, Chris Kluwe, Diane Lane, Lisa Lucas, George R.R. Martin, Leland Melvin, Shanna Peeples, Lesley Stahl, Baratunde Thurston, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Wil Wheaton, Venus Williams, Kevin Young

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