The Italian Americans

Being Italian

Italian Heritage

Submitted by: Philip J. DiNovo

Prof./Cav. Philip J. DiNovo, President and Director of the American Italian Heritage Museum, talks about his Italian heritage and the importance of educating the public about the past.

Pride for Family

Submitted by: Victoria A. Graffeo

Victoria A. Graffeo, Attorney at Harris Beach PLLC, talks about the pride she has for her Italian ancestors. 

Family’s Immigration to Upstate New York

Submitted by: Antonio Civitella

Antonio Civitella, President and CEO of Transfinder, talks about his family's immigration from Italy, the challenges he faced, and what's most important to him. 

Sons of Italy

Submitted by: Dolores Scalise

Dolores Scalise, Member of Sons of Italy, talks about her parents' immigration to America and how she strives to educate the public about the achievements and contributions of Italian Americans. 

Family and Hard Work

Submitted by: James J. Barba

James J. Barba, CEO of the Albany Medical Center, talks about his grandparents' immigration from Italy and what he feels are the focus of Italian culture.

Carrying on the Traditions

Submitted by: Maria Perreca Papa

Maria Perreca Papa, Co-Owner of Perreca's Bakery, talks about her family's immigration and the traditions of her ancestors.

St. Joseph’s Day Traditions

Submitted by: Lenny Delbert

This year, March 19th 2015 marks the Catholic celebration of St. Josephs Day where Catholic New Orleanians construct elaborate altars in honor of this saint. The tradition, commemorating the relief St. Joseph provided during a famine in Sicily, began in the late 1800’s when Sicilian immigrants settled in New Orleans. Today, St. Joseph’s day is not just for Italian-Americans. Every year, this celebration offers New Orleans natives and visitors a chance to share food with others and for believers, a way to express gratitude for any sort of fortune in their lives.