"... two hours of pure joy that contains all the requisites of must-see TV — it's intriguing and fascinating, engaging, entertaining and educational. It's brilliant."
Jessica Damiano, Newsday

"The two-hour documentary…follows the book's conceit: It takes the plants' point of view in exploring whether they control humans to ensure their survival."
Elizabeth Jensen, The New York Times

"The PBS program looks at how plants have evolved and prospered by making themselves 'eye candy' to humans and other living things. Call it survival of the most alluring."
Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times

"Entertaining without being silly, informative without being dull, this documentary makes a darned good read."
Connie Nelson, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"The true story of Johnny Appleseed, for instance, is a revelation."
Nancy DeWolff Smith, Wall Street Journal

"The film does an impressive job ..."
China Millman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"A live cannabis bud, extremely close up, looks like an exotic salad a four-star chef might dream up — a tangled concoction of orange filaments and white froth on a convoluted crown of green matter. What gardener wouldn't be smitten?"
Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle

"as faithful a TV adaptation as TV adaptations come ..."
Tamara Straus, San Francisco Chronicle

"The TV adaptation of The Botany of Desire is sumptuous to view, thought provoking and just plain interesting. It is of the high quality that we are accustomed to viewing on public television."
Fran Durner, Talk Dirt blog, Anchorage Daily News

"PBS's luminous production ... is worth every single minute of its two hours."
Susan Reimer, Baltimore Sun

"Even if you don't buy Pollan's argument, 'Botany' is packed with facts and insights about natural history and human nature ..."
Kevin McDonough, United Features

"Point of view is everything to writers and filmmakers — and to all who love a good tale."
Kathleen Laufenberg, Tallahassee Democrat

"Certain plants succeed in getting humans to help them evolve and establish in places they couldn't get to without us, and they do it by appealing to human desires."
Therese Ciesinski, Organic Gardening

"... a fascinating nature program ..."
Dave Shiflett, Bloomberg News

"engaging, beautiful imagery focused on a more profound message about who were are as humans."
Paula Crossfield, Civil Eats

"... the film makes us look at apples, tulips, marijuana and potatoes like we never, ever thought imaginable…."
Andrew Messinger, 27East

"engaging ... visually stunning ... a minute and loving portrayal of its subjects ..."
Sean Howell, Menlo Park Almanac

"super-stylish and utterly fascinating ... do yourselves a favor ... and watch!"
Jean Patterson, Orlando Sentinel

"I urge you to carve out two hours ... to watch it."
Chris Higgins,

"turn on your TV ... and watch."
Kym Pokorny, The Oregonian

"a lavish, lovely ... doc"
John Doyle, Toronto Globe and Mail

"... a beautifully made film ..."
Roger Catlin, Hartford Courant

"PBS's The Botany of Desire is a keeper ..."
Steve Jones, Teaching High School Phsychology blog