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"Season's Greetings" from Venerable Metteyya

20 December 2010

I am delighted to see that this wonderful film has been received so well since being broadcast earlier this year and personally wish to thank David Grubin for helping to present the essential message of Buddha.

Metteyya Sakyaputta
Venerable Metteyya Sakyaputta
David Grubin Productions
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I believe the story of Buddha has something relevant to offer all of us because Buddha himself had been a child, a student, a lover, a husband, a father and also an ascetic and so had been through all stages of the human condition. In his kind teachings, he acknowledges that human life is tough with all different kinds of challenges and had taught us the path of mindfulness and compassion as the remedy. Now in these modern times when we are surrounded by growing uncertainty, chaos, violence and conflict, his teachings of kindness offer a solace. In no other time than this has Buddha’s message been more valuable or relevant.

May the re-broadcast of  "The Buddha" inspire and awaken new joy in you for the holiday season and new year.

Venerable Metteyya Sakyaputta (Awadhesh Tripathi) was born in the same birthplace as the Buddha: Lumbini, Nepal. Although born into a devout Hindu family he met his Buddhist teacher, Venerable Sujata at the age of nine and studied and practiced meditation under the venerable teacher for nine years. Metteyya has always been involved in social service work in the community and founded Metta Children's School at the age of fifteen which has now grown to two branches and provides free education to over 800 impoverished local children. Metteyya eventually decided that the best path for social work for himself was to become a Buddhist monk and thus was ordained as such in Lumbini in early 2007.


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