Posts for Awakening

"Going Home" by angel Kyodo williams

2010 June 03

When we honor our community, maintain it, treat it like the precious treasure that it is, it returns our investment a thousandfold.

"A Path of Discovery" by Roshi Joan Halifax

2010 May 12

Roshi Joan Halifax describes her personal path to Buddhism, medical anthropology, and care giving, discovering that death is not an enemy, but a teacher and a guide.

"Birthing and Blooming: Reflections on the Third Noble Truth" by Mushim Ikeda-Nash

2010 April 09

"Amidst the heat and tumult of family life," writes meditation teacher Mushim Ikeda-Nash, "I’ve had to radically redefine what “peace” and “inner peace” mean. In fact, it was my son, when he was around twelve, who helped me figure it out. 'Don’t confuse inner peace with enlightenment,' he said. 'Inner peace is a feeling, but enlightenment is clarity and understanding. It can include inner peace but it is much more.'"

"Falling Off a Horse With Mindfulness" by Deborah Schoeberlein

2010 March 31

The practice of mindfulness meditation can help us cope with the unexpected events life throws at us.

"Apple" by Calvin Malone

2010 March 30

Every part of every day offers an open invitation for quiet reflection and mindful awareness.

"A Life of One Piece" by Sharon Salzberg

2010 March 29

The threads of wisdom and compassion can sew our fragmented lives into one seamless whole.

Jane Hirshfield: "Leaving the Palace"

2010 March 16

"There is no knowledge won without sacrifice and this is one of the hard truths of human existence; in order to gain anything you must first lose everything."

"To Touch Enlightenment With the Body" by Reginald Ray

2010 March 11

A close examination of physical pain and suffering can be a gateway to greater spiritual understanding.

"Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness" by Deborah Schoeberlein

2010 March 01

Students learn as much if not more from what we do as teachers and how we are, than from what we say.


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