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"Impossible Choices: Thinking About Mental Health Issues From a Buddhist Perspective" by Maia Duerr

2010 May 03

Mental illness is no longer an individual matter, a case of one person’s psyche gone awry, but rather it sits in the context of our society and culture.

"Vowing Peace in an Age of War: Part 4" by Alan Senauke

2010 April 06

To achieve peace, we need to understand that the potential for hatred—or goodness—that we see in our enemies exists simultaneously in ourselves.

"Vowing Peace in an Age of War, Part 3: Giving, Fearlessness, and Renunciation" by Alan Senauke

2010 April 02

How can we create a path to peace? Alan Senauke offers Giving, Fearlessness, and Renunciation, based in Zen Buddhist teachings, as guiding practices for creating a more peaceful world.

"Vowing Peace in an Age of War, Part 2: Carrying Forth Realization Into The World" by Alan Senauke

2010 March 30

Alan Senauke relates modern socially engaged Buddhism to the ancient teachings of the Buddha and Eihei Dogen, a founder of Japanese Zen Buddhism.

"Vowing Peace in an Age of War, Part 1: The Wide World Is A Meditation Hall" by Alan Senauke

2010 March 26

“Bearing witness” is a radical act of complete acceptance, recognizing the human capacity for violence that exists within our minds.

"An Introduction to Engaged Buddhism" by Maia Duerr

2010 March 26

A very brief introduction to Socially Engaged Buddhism, with recommended videos, articles, links and books to further your understanding.

"Why We Love War" by David Loy

2010 March 18

Seeing the world primarily as a war between good and evil is one of our more dangerous delusions.

"I Don’t Know" by Lin Jensen

2010 January 20

Don’t worry about having the right answer to all of life’s questions.


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