Posts for Happiness

"I Gots da Cling-ons!" By Shane Hennesey

2010 April 20

In Buddhism, clinging (or "attachment") can refer to our tendency to ignorantly pin our hopes for happiness on specific objects, ideas, outcomes, or other people. Shane Hennesey describes how meditation practice can curb our tendency to "cling".

"Consumption, Well-Being and Awareness" by Daniel Barbezat

2010 April 12

Want to improve the global economy? Start small: examine your own habits. Why do you want what you think you want? This is an essential step on the path to well-being and satisfaction.

"A Life of One Piece" by Sharon Salzberg

2010 March 29

The threads of wisdom and compassion can sew our fragmented lives into one seamless whole.

"Everybody Loves Something" by Pema Chödrön

2010 March 23

Love is like a weak spot in the walls of ego--our hearts can be opened by just one moment of great compassion.

"In Search of Happiness" by Lama Surya Das

2010 March 18

The path to happiness can be found through compassionate service and generosity.

"Mindfulness in 2 Minutes" by Chade-Meng Tan

2010 March 17

To "just be" is simultaneously the most ordinary and the most precious experience in life.

"The Chicken and the Duck" by Ajahn Brahm

2010 March 11

When you’re having an argument, pause and ask yourself which is more important: harmony and happiness, or being the “winner”?

"Loving-Kindness Meditation" by Steven V. Smith

2010 March 10

This practice comes from the Buddhist tradition, but can be easily adapted and practiced by anyone, regardless of religious affiliation.

Mark Epstein: “Beyond Ordinary Happiness”

2010 March 09

"This world does not have to be a painful place, but it’s up to each one of us to turn ourselves into a Buddha."

"Being Alone" by Barry Magid

2010 March 01

It’s important to remember that we all share common problems and difficulties, even when we feel as though nobody can relate to our particular situation.


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