Posts for Mindfulness

"Dealing With Anger" by Lama Surya Das

2010 June 03

Anger is easily misunderstood in Buddhist practice: it's not uncommon to (unhealthily) attempt to suppress it, or to overlook its potential usefulness. Lama Surya Das describes a brief practice to help change our reaction to anger.

"Mindfulness, Compassion & Wisdom: Three Means To Peace" by Joseph Goldstein

2010 May 11

How can three principles of meditation be applied to the world's conflicts? The method is mindfulness, the expression is compassion, and the essence is wisdom.

"A Glimpse" by Joseph Bengivenni

2010 April 29

A Korean Buddhist story of a monk's near-death experience relates how important it is to cultivate mindfulness and make the most of your precious life.

"Mindfulness Meditation" by Steven V. Smith

2010 April 16

Simple instructions for a daily sitting meditation practice.

"Consumption, Well-Being and Awareness" by Daniel Barbezat

2010 April 12

Want to improve the global economy? Start small: examine your own habits. Why do you want what you think you want? This is an essential step on the path to well-being and satisfaction.

"Falling Off a Horse With Mindfulness" by Deborah Schoeberlein

2010 March 31

The practice of mindfulness meditation can help us cope with the unexpected events life throws at us.

"Apple" by Calvin Malone

2010 March 30

Every part of every day offers an open invitation for quiet reflection and mindful awareness.


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