Posts for Practice Instructions

"Dealing With Anger" by Lama Surya Das

2010 June 03

Anger is easily misunderstood in Buddhist practice: it's not uncommon to (unhealthily) attempt to suppress it, or to overlook its potential usefulness. Lama Surya Das describes a brief practice to help change our reaction to anger.

"Mindfulness Meditation" by Steven V. Smith

2010 April 16

Simple instructions for a daily sitting meditation practice.

"Cultivating Compassion: Meditation for Better Relationships" by Chade-Meng Tan

2010 April 08

There are at least two components to spiritual practice: Wisdom and Compassion. Associating with people, especially in difficult situations, helps us grow Compassion.

"Walking Meditation" by Steven V. Smith

2010 March 24

Meditation doesn’t always require you to sit still: walking meditation brings mindfulness to every step.

"Loving-Kindness Meditation" by Steven V. Smith

2010 March 10

This practice comes from the Buddhist tradition, but can be easily adapted and practiced by anyone, regardless of religious affiliation.

"Sky-Gazing Meditation" By Lama Surya Das

2010 March 01

Lama Surya presents a path to accessing the sky-like nature of the Buddha Mind.

"Meditation: Receiving the Healing, Liberating Power of Love" by John Makransky

2010 March 01

We all possess a tremendous capacity for love, compassion and wisdom. This meditation practice will help you gently relax into the open, loving nature of your mind.


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