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"Buddha doesn’t look any different from anybody else…Buddhism is not about being special…It is about walking a normal human life with normal human beings, doing normal human things. And this reminds you that you yourself might be a Buddha. At this moment, the person you’re looking at might be one. It’s an interesting practice. Just each person you see as you walk down the street; ‘Buddha? Buddha? Buddha? Buddha? Buddha?’"

— Jane Hirshfield, poet

You’ve seen the Buddha: towering inside temples; in the window of a Chinese restaurant; walking outside the White House, touching the snow; being walked on a leash in the park; flying back from the tropics as spring returns. This morning in your bathroom mirror.

Buddha nature is in all living things—if it breathes, it can become enlightened. Maybe you can see it already in the faces of the people around you, in your environment, in yourself. Take a picture and share with us what you see. Upload it to Flickr and join the Buddhaspotting group.

Where will you see the Buddha today?

Join on Flick us today at: www.flickr.com/groups/buddhaspotting

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