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Audio and Video

Featured Scholars and Poets on YouTube

A collection of videos feature Buddhist scholars and poets from The Buddha's YouTube channel.

Buddhanet’s Audio Teachings Archive
A collection of Audio Dharma talks by Buddhist teachers of various traditions.

Buddhist Geeks
A weekly audio show that presents groundbreaking interviews and discussions with Buddhist teachers, scholars, and advanced practitioners.

Dharma Media
Audio and video organized by school or sect of Buddhism.

Dharma Seed
Freely offering Western Buddhist Vipassana teachings.

Free Buddhist Audio
Over 500 talks on Buddhism and meditation.

Journey Into Buddhism: The Yatra Trilogy
These visually stunning documentaries are cinematic pilgrimages to legendary places in Southeast Asia and Tibet, including the spiritual wonders of Laos, Thailand, Burma, Bali, Cambodia, Java, and Central Tibet.

Kurukulla Center Recordings
An archive of teachings at this Tibetan Buddhist center in Boston.

Brilliant Sanity
Dr. Farrell Silverberg talks about Buddhism and Psychotherapy in his Chapter in the book "Brilliant Sanity".

Buddhism Websites

Access to Insight
Dedicated to providing accurate, reliable, and useful information concerning the practice and study of Theravada Buddhism, as it has been handed down through both the written word of the Pali canon and the living example of the Sangha.

Buddhist Door
In Chinese and English, this comprehensive site for serious Buddhist study and practice offers numerous translations of scriptures and commentaries, information on art and iconography, audio and video recordings, and scholarly journal articles, among other resources.

A worldwide Buddhist information and education network with an almost overwhelming variety of e-books, audio files, Buddhist Studies resources, an international directory of meditation and retreat centers, and Buddhazine, an online magazine.

A portal for Buddhist study, practice and action, offering many links to teachings, audio and video recordings, recommended books and other Buddhist blogs and websites.

Shambhala Sun
The website of this best-selling Buddhist magazine features articles, a calendar of events, Buddhist news, and the SunSpace blog.

Also a major Buddhist print magazine, Tricycle offers online retreats, blogs, articles and other resources.

What Do You Think, My Friend? Writings on Buddhism
One of the oldest Buddhist sites on the web, offering many articles, questions and answers, stories, personal reflections of teachers and practitioners, and Buddhist scriptures.

Wildmind Buddhist Meditation
Online meditation courses and lots of free information on the practice of Buddhist meditation and its applications in daily life.

The Worst Horse
The Worst Horse examines the ever-colliding worlds of pop-culture, subculture, and Dharma.

Publishers of Buddhist Books

Snow Lion Publications (http://www.snowlionpub.com)
Wisdom Publications (http://www.wisdompubs.com)
Shambhala Publications (http://www.shambhala.com/)
Parallex Press (http://www.parallax.org/index.html)
Dharma Publishing (http://www.dharmapublishing.com/)


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