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For Caregivers

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For Caregivers: activities to share in late stage

Reminiscing is a good thing to do with someone with Alzheimer’s. Often, the earliest memories are the last ones to go. The Living Center is a place to explore, reminisce and relax with someone who has Alzheimer’s. Stoke the fire, sit back, relax and enjoy the Living Center together!

A collection of activities created specifically to help family and friends spend enjoyable time together, the Living Center may offer activities for quality time with someone diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Designed in conjunction with leading Alzheimer’s experts and computer scientists, the Living Center is meant to engage people in all different stages of Alzheimer’s. Once you enter the Living Center, click on one of the various activities described below:

For grandchildren to enjoy with someone with Alzheimers.


Image of puzzle activityPiece together a videogame-style puzzle. Talk about hobbies and pastimes from years ago. Someone with Alzheimer’s may enjoy watching a grandchild piece together the puzzle.

Flower Arranging

Image of Flower ActivityCreate and enjoy unique flower arrangements. If someone enjoyed gardening in the past, they may enjoy the memories this activity brings.

Garden Shed

Image of garden shed activityAsk about gardening and outdoor activities. Organize a yard full of classic garden tools by clicking on the window in the Living Center. This activity includes sounds and may evoke memories of years gone by.

Kaleidoscope Art Box

Image of kaleidoscope activityWatch animated kaleidoscope designs together. Change the colors and shapes. Click to make different patterns—a computer-generated kaleidoscope.



For reminiscing with someone who retains older memories

Sears Catalog

Image of the sears catalog activityTry shopping as if it was the 1950s. Browse through a decades-old Sears catalog and find your favorite items. Click pages and category tabs to find various items including tools, appliances, men’s and women’s clothing, household items. Look at the costs of the items for sale.

The Map

Image of the map activityBrowse old pictures from around the country to spark interesting reactions and conversation. Travel memories may spark enjoyable memories. Enjoy pictures from the Rockies, Chicago, Florida and other parts of the country. Browse various photos, from country farm scenes to our nation’s capital.


Image of the radio activityMusic can be comforting. Listen to familiar songs from years ago. The radio learns your preferences as you listen. Enjoy 20th century classical, traditional tunes, patriotic music, ragtime, romantic music and more. Discuss your favorite types of music and enjoy!


How to Use the Living Center

Everyone will approach these activities in different ways, so just follow the lead of the person with Alzheimer’s. Which activities pique a person’s interest? Which activities encourage conversation? Some people will be excited by 1950s Sears Catalog images and want to reminisce, while others might actually think it is the 1950s. That’s okay, just go with the flow and let the person with Alzheimer’s enjoy the experience. The important thing is to make your time together as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Sound interesting? Visit the Living Center now.

Once you visit, we’d love to hear your questions and feedback

Technical Note

The puzzle will require you to have a recent version of Java software, which you can download for free if you’d like.