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Coping: related links

Familiarize Yourself with the Basics of Caregiving

Alzheimer's Society: Communication Page
Tips for communicating effectively with someone who has Alzheimer's disease.

Eldercare Online's Glossary
A listing of words and abbreviations that will help familiarize you with the lingo of eldercare.

Alzheimer's Association: Caregiver Page
An overview of caregiver basics, including strategies for dealing with Alzheimer's symptoms as well as suggestions for coping and planning ahead.

Find Resources for Planning Ahead

Eldercare Locator
Links to area agencies on aging and information as well as referral services so you can find the best care options in your community.

American Bar Association: Consumer Toolkit for the Elderly
A toolkit from the American Bar Association to help you discover, clarify and communicate what is helpful in the face of serious illness.
Information about Medicare, including a plan finder that helps you find the best plan for your situation. You might check out two additional special features on this site - Home Health Compare and Nursing Home Compare - to evaluate different care options.

Alzheimer's Association: Safe Return Program
Information on how to ensure the safe, timely return of individuals with Alzheimer's who have a tendency to wander. The Safe Return Program includes a crisis line, registration in a national photo database, training and wearable identification. It does cost money, but scholarships are available for those who can't afford it.

Talk to Your Family

Alzheimer's Association: Talking to Kids and Teens page
Ideas for talking to kids and teens about Alzheimer's, helping them cope and encouraging them to spend time with someone who has the disease. 

Prepare for End of Life Issues

Handbook for Mortals
Excerpts from the Handbook for Mortals, which has been called a comprehensive and authoritative guide to end-of-life care. The site also has information about ordering the book.