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Diagnosis: related resources

Learn More About Getting a Diagnosis

Alzheimer’s Association: Getting a Diagnosis
Information about common diagnostic tests, visiting a physician about symptoms and understanding what a diagnosis means.

Read About the Major Warning Signs

Alzheimer’s Association: 10 Warning Signs
A checklist to help family members and professionals recognize the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Learn What Treatments are Available

ADEAR Medications Fact Sheet
A list of current medications available to treat Alzheimer’s disease.
Also available in Spanish

Alzheimer’s Association Alternative Treatments Page
Information on herbal remedies and dietary supplements used to treat Alzheimer’s. The page outlines safety, effectiveness and what kind of information is available about each treatment.

Learn the Biology Behind Alzheimer’s

Unraveling the Mystery
An online pamphlet published by the National Institute on Aging that helps users understand the biology of Alzheimer’s disease and how Alzheimer’s research is progressing. The site also has information for ordering a free copy if you prefer pamphlet form.

The Alzheimer Research Forum
A very comprehensive site intended for Alzheimer's researchers and professionals. It contains large amounts of research papers, news, hypotheses and background materials on Alzheimer's. The site is trustworthy and updated regularly, but articles are very scientific in nature.

Tools for Finding Quality Healthcare

Partnering with Your Doctor PDF
Download a PDF about partnering with Your Doctor.

Administration on Aging: Question Checklist
Questions to ask your doctor.

Alzheimer's Association: Health Care Providers
Get help choosing healthcare providers.

Understanding Diagnosis

Alzheimer's Association: Warning Signs
Compare Alzheimer's signs to normal aging.

Finding Support

The Alzheimer's Association: Chapter Finder
Find your local Alzheimer's chapter.

ADEAR: Research Centers
Find an Alzheimer's disease research center near you.

Available Treatments

ADEAR: Medications
View ADEAR's medication fact sheet.

ADEAR: Treatment
Learn what treatments are currently available.

ADEAR: Clinical Trials
Search for clinical trials in your area.

Finances & Legal Issues

Alzheimer’s Association: Financial Issues (PDF)
Download a brochure about understanding Alzheimer’s and financial issues.

Alzheimer’s Association: Financial Matters
Information on planning your finances.

Benefits CheckUp
Check your benefits eligibility.

Alzheimer’s Association: Legal Issues
A guide to understanding legal issues related to Alzheimer’s.