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Learn More About Alzheimer's Progression

ADEAR: Stages of Alzheimer's
A list outlining the changes and stages of Alzheimer's disease.

Find Resources for the Person with Alzheimer's

Shared Experiences: Suggestions for Those with Alzheimer's Disease
An audio version of advice for people with Alzheimer's disease from Canada's Alzheimer's Society.

DASN (Dementia Advocacy Support Network)
A site for and by people with dementia. Join their online chats, find out about their mission or contact them for more information.

Creative Space at Canada's Alzheimer's Society
A place where anyone affected by Alzheimer's can read and submit stories, poetry and artwork about their experiences.

Leeza's Place
Developed in response to the challenges Leeza Gibbons and her family encountered while coping with Alzheimer's Disease, Leeza's Place was designed to ensure that others experiencing Alzheimer's would have access to new, supportive settings created for the purpose of educating, empowering and energizing.