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Funder Credits

Major funding for The New Medicine is provided by:

WebMD Health Foundation


Additional Major Funding:

The George Family Foundation

    Penny & Bill George

The David & Lura Lovell Foundation

The Christy & John Mack Foundation

    Christy & John Mack

The Simms & Mann Family Foundations

The Bernard Osher Foundation

Fannie E. Rippel Foundation

William Sarnoff

Ruth Stricker & Bruce B. Dayton


Additional Funding:


The Globe Foundation

Rudolf Steiner Foundation

Definity Health

Colburn & Alana Jones

Michele & David Mittelman Family Foundation

Complementary Care Foundation

The Fullerton Foundation

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation


Film Credits

The New Medicine is a Production of TPT/Twin Cities Public Television and Middlemarch Films, Inc.

Host: Dana Reeve

Producers: Muffie Meyer and Jennifer Raikes

Writer: Ronald Blumer

Editors & Co-Producers: Sharon Sachs and Donna Marino

Executive Producer: Catherine Allan

Narrated By: Liev Schreiber
Music Composed By: Richard Einhorn
Production Coordinator & Senior Researcher: Dianne Cleare
Associate Producer: Eric Treiber
Associate Producer, TPT: Jessica Bari
Senior Production Manager, TPT: Anne Queenan

Executive in Charge of Production: Gerald Richman

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