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Burnett Miller: The Battle of the Bulge
Men had to dig foxholes in the frozen ground at the Battle of the Bulge.
Interview outtakes from THE WAR:
"We're in Brittany when the Bulge broke, and we headed across France as fast as we could go. We crossed France, went through parts of Belgium and hit the Bulge in a big snowstorm. There was lots of snow. Our vehicles became almost inoperable. We, I remember the first night, we, we arrived at some area, we were on a hill, we dug in and it was very difficult digging foxholes in this frozen ground. And that night there were tracer bullets all over, lots of artillery, and it was very, very scary. The next day we mounted up in half tracks to go down to someplace, I don't, from then on it was mass chaos. Nobody knew where they were going or what they were doing on, the front, I'm sure, headquarters, there were perfectly decent plans. And the maps showed things, and our maps were very confusing, hard to see what we were doing. But we went down into this area and were fired on immediately. And bailed out of these tracks and started running through the snow to get some kind of coverage, and actually retreated back up onto a hill, dug in, and spent that night in a big snow storm and we were wet and I thought, 'Boy, I don't think we can make it.' But you know, we dried out, we all seemed, seemed very healthy, healthy throughout this terrible, terrible weather."