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Paul Fussell: Trying to explain
He had a difficult time trying to explain what happened to him during the war.
Interview outtakes from THE WAR:
ďAbout all the good war stuff, to say that Iím offended would be a grave understatement. Iím appalled by it, the lack of imagination of Americans by the obligatory optimism of Americans, by their difficulty in understanding the troubles of people who are less well-placed than they are. Iím talking about the poor. And the infantry are the poor in time of war. Iíve had a very difficult time, sometimes, trying to explain what happened to me. People say, ĎWhatís the matter with, why are you so irritable.í Iíll say, ĎIím irritable because I thought of a college friend of mine who spent the war as an admiralís aide in the Pacific and never fired a gun or was fired at.í And the conflicts or the contrasts between what he was doing and I was doing is just too, too appalling to bear without some kind of emotion of resistance and anger. I was angry that everybody didnít understand the, the situation of soldiers who fought the war on the ground. And even, even the artillery we thought were very far back, you see. But we were the cutting edge.Ē