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Asako Tokuno: Feeling uncomfortable
I would get this terrible feeling that people were watching, looking at me.
Interview outtakes from THE WAR:
"It was just so unexpected, you know. We were, uh, I was studying for my finals. That was about the time we had finals at school, and this was my first semester at UC Berkeley. And that morning I was getting ready to go into Berkeley to study at the library with my friends. And, uh, heard the news first. And when we got to school... You know what was amazing? Was every day, of course I traveled by bus to go to school. And I would transfer, and Id have to stop University Avenue from Richmond. Id go up San Pueblo Avenue, I would stop at University. And go up and Id have to wait for the bus, and as Id stand on that corner, I would get this terrible feeling that people were watching, looking at me. And youd just get so self-conscious, you know. So much more aware. Id never been aware of my, you know, my ethnicity. And so that was very strange. That was the first time I really felt, you know, this is not good. And got up to school, and then walked into the library, and all of the...a lot of Nisei were there to study. Nisei are, you know, Japanese Americans. Were studying at, um, in the library, and they all were reading the paper."